How does an umbrella company work?

When you have completed our registration process and signed our contract of employment you will become an employee of Burnsall Pay. We work closely with your agency and invoice them according to your weekly/monthly timesheets. When we receive the money from your agency we will deduct the umbrella margin and employment costs and run your payroll. You will recieve a payslip on your online portal.

End client

The end client is the company you work for. They will pay your recruitment agency the assignment rate plus the agency fees.


Your recruitment agency will deduct their fees and send the assignment rate in gross to Burnsall Pay.


Burnsall Pay will deduct our margin and the employment costs. The remaining balance is then subject to your tax and NI.

The simplest method to get paid

Our umbrella service is the simplest solution for contractors to get paid for agency work. Our Umbrella service offers contractors PAYE payroll and a continuous employment.